Elizabeth Maher

After finding myself desperately unhappy in my job, I decided at 31 years old to do an undergraduate degree in American studies. I absolutely loved my undergraduate degree and It was definitely the right choice in terms of doing something because it is a passion.  After graduating, I did a Master’s degree in public history and heritage. However, I did not feel as passionately about this degree as my undergraduate. I initially thought, because I loved American history that I wanted a career in heritage. However, after dealing with a few different heritage professionals during my MA, I was completely put off. I started to feel frustrated with myself for choosing the wrong MA and I thought that I had just wasted a lot of time, stress and money doing two degrees that I was not going to use. I would absolutely love to have a career related to my undergraduate degree, however, they are few and far between in the UK. At this point, I had a Tumblr blog and I have had an interest in photography for a number of years. This lead me to create a bit more of a professional looking blog and YouTube channel, where I could combine my hobbies of travel, history and photography along with the research and writing skills that I had learnt from my education. Creating a blog and video content not only puts my education to good use, but it also gets me out and about, visiting new places and always learning along the way.

Thanks for reading.